We are aware tax is not the most exciting topic in the world and it can be a real headache at times. But managing your tax affairs effectively can save you a great deal of stress further down the line.

As an independent firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, Stonegate Trinity LLP gives tailor-made tax expertise to high net worth individuals, companies and family trusts. We are big on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients, who value our open and friendly approach.

Entrepreneurial Solutions

Are you an entrepreneur? Many of our existing clients are and experience tells us how to deal with their commercial tax requirements.

No two clients are the same, but however unusual your situation might be, we can help you. We will tailor a long term tax solution especially for you, helping to mitigate or defer your tax liabilities. For your protection none of our solutions involve any form of artificial arrangements.

In the meantime, you save money and can sleep soundly knowing you are fulfilling your tax obligations.

We will only offer advice that is beneficial to you. We will focus on your wealth preservation via tax mitigation, using trusts, personal investment companies, or family partnerships. We can help you take advantage of reliefs such as Entrepreneurs’ Relief, Business Property Relief or the Substantial Shareholdings Exemption as well as advise on full or partial exit strategies and business succession planning helping you prepare for the future.

International Tax Services

You might be a UK resident who lives here, or a UK resident who is domiciled overseas. Maybe you have no familial connections to UK shores, but visit here occasionally or invest in UK businesses or property.

We can:

  • Advise you on your residency or domicile status including the workings of the Double Taxation Agreements the UK has with a large number of other countries all of which can be confusing.
  • Help you with tax planning when you are non-UK resident and/or non-UK domiciled, giving you advice on offshore trusts and companies and their potential to shelter your income and capital gains and mitigate inheritance tax.
  • Create remittance management strategies for the wealthy resident, non-UK domiciled family.

Private Office

High net worth individuals often look to Stonegate Trinity LLP to provide them with a tax advisory and compliance service, similar to a family office function. Not only will we complete all your tax returns in good time, relieving you of the burden, but we will plan ahead to help reduce your ongoing tax liabilities.

Our private office advisory services include:

  • Full access to our entrepreneurial and international tax solutions.
  • Advice on tax-efficient asset holding and wealth preservation structures.
  • Tax planning for non-UK resident and/or non-UK domiciled individuals including advice on offshore trusts and companies.
  • Inheritance tax, trust and estate planning.
  • Will and asset protection planning.

Sports Sector Services

Whatever stage you are at in your sports career, our comprehensive tax advice can help keep you financially secure today while preserving your wealth for tomorrow. We would be delighted to act as your trusted adviser, working – if you want us to – alongside your family, agents, lawyers, financial advisers and banks to maximise your wealth and earnings potential. It goes without saying that client confidentiality means everything to us.

To help mitigate your tax liabilities, we will make suggestions that are tailored especially for you, advising you on image rights and international tax planning when you arrive in or leave the UK.

We can give you full access to our private office, entrepreneurial and international solutions especially when it comes to tax efficient wealth management structuring including UK and overseas property ownership.

Tax Risk Management

It is a frustrating fact of life that wherever there is uncertainty, there is also risk. HMRC’s current management of UK tax law is very uncertain, so it is important to assess your tax risk and manage it effectively. We can help.

If you happen to get investigated by HMRC – whether it is a local compliance enquiry, a voluntary disclosure or a civil investigation – we will provide you with the smartest representation.

Our other tax risk management services include:

  • Handling all forms of HMRC enquiries and disclosures.
  • Credibility protection for professional intermediaries.
  • Expert witness work.
  • Second opinions.

Tax Support Services

Are you a trusted adviser to your clients and require tax help? Whether you are an accountant, a solicitor or a wealth manager we are able to work with you as part of the client focused wider team or directly with the end client. Flexibility and value for money are key to delivering our tax support services. Equally, we have access to a network of professional contacts in order to give you an attractive alternative to using larger accountancy firms.

If you are an adviser interested in working with us, contact us today to see how we can help you and your clients. We do not charge an annual fee or subscription for this service; instead we prefer to seek out likeminded professionals with whom we can build familiarity and trust.

Transactional Tax Management

With any major transaction there are potentially tax consequences. And that is where you need Stonegate Trinity LLP to help, giving you complete and clear advice every step of the way.

We can give you specialist advice on the following corporate transactions:

  • Mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, disposals and reorganisations.
  • Management buy-outs and management buy-ins.
  • Private equity and venture capital structuring.
  • Tax indemnities, warranties and due-diligence work.
  • Tax clearances.
  • Earn-outs and carried interest.
  • Dissident shareholder issues.